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The SL-128 AA is a highly compact and light-weight jetting assembly designed specifically for ink jet applications requiring multiple printheads packed tightly together.

These modules are ideal for fast moving, high performance printer carriage designs. General compatibility with a wide range of fluids makes the SL-128 AA jetting assembly extremely versatile.

Two electrically independent piezoelectric slices, each with 64 addressable channels, are combined to provide a total of 128 jets. The nozzles are arranged in a single line, at a 0.020 inch distance between nozzles. Resolutions up to 450 dpi are possible.


  • 80 picoliter calibrated drop size.
  • Resolutions up to 450 dpi.
  • 128 individually addressable, inline nozzles.
  • Lightweight and highly stackable.
  • Orientation independent.
  • Supports solvent and UV-curable based inks.
  • Dual ported for ease of flushing.
  • Optional temperature control.
SL-128/80 AA
Active nozzles 128
Nozzle spacing 508 μm
Nozzle diameter 80 μm
Drop velocity 8 m/s
Printhead weight (dry) 35 g (1.23 oz)
Fluid type Organic solvents, UV curables
Drop volume* 80 pl
Typical firing frequency 30 kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 110x5x110mm


1. The printhead is required to be installed by professional persons.
2. Due to the nature of printer parts and the many factors that go into installing them, we do not accept returns or give refunds on electronic or service parts. Once the package is delivered, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the package for damage. If there is any visible damage on the package, please refuse the shipment and send email to info@digiprint-usa.com
3. Please seriously pay attention on information of printhead model while purchasing from us. Once received your item, please inspect if the printhead matches up with the model you required.If you have any problems, it is very important that contact us as soon as possible before installing it onto machine. Please be aware that we don’t accept any return and refund once the printhead is installed on the machine.



  • SupraQ 3000 Bio
  • SupraQ 3300 PRO
  • SupraQ 3300DS
  • SupraQ 3300S


  • Jeti 1224 UV HDC FTR
  • Jeti 2030 X-2 UV Flatbed
  • Jeti 3150 X-2 UV Flatbed
  • Jeti 3300 Solvent RTR
  • Jeti 3312 Solvent RTR
  • Jeti 3318 Solvent RTR
  • Jeti 3324 AquaJet RTR
  • Jeti 3324 Solvent RTR
  • Jeti 3324 UV RTR
  • Jeti 3348 Solvent HSS RTR
  • Jeti 3348 UV Galaxy RTR
  • Jeti 3348 UV Jetspeed RTR
  • Jeti 5000 Solvent RTR
  • Jeti 5024 Solvent RTR
  • Jeti 5024 UV JetSpeed RTR
  • Jeti 5048 UV XL JetSpeed


  • Virtu 3600


  • Challenger FY-6250SL


  • SupraQ 3000 Bio
  • SupraQ 3300 PRO
  • SupraQ 3300DS
  • SupraQ 3300S

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